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Kyle Milstead


After being introduced to the design profession through a four-year high school program, Kyle discovered a passion for architecture as a means of making a positive impact. Upon receiving an endorsement for completing the Design Academy program, he began his studies at Kansas State University, where he is currently pursuing a Master of Architecture and a Minor in Business as a fourth-year student.

Originally from the suburbs of Kansas City, Kyle joins CCY seeking to explore design in new environments, while further developing his passion for designing with nature and community in mind. He believes that designers have a responsibility to respect the environment they are working in while also creating habitable spaces for people to thrive in. Kyle is also inspired by the collaborative aspects of design, whether that connection happens with other designers, clients, or communities.

Outside of work, Kyle spends his time working on and modifying his own vehicle as well as interacting with other automotive enthusiasts at car shows. He loves developing his hobby of photography and finds joy in getting outdoors to capture images of cars, nature, and architecture.