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Evan Spurrell, AIA


With over eight years of experience as an architect on a variety of high-end residential, mixed use, and commercial projects, Evan brings a range of expertise to all of her work at CCY.

Inspired by the potential of design to impact the environment and quality of life, Evan’s portfolio focuses on structures that respond to the natural properties of a site in order to improve the lives of the people who interact with those spaces. She enjoys working on design solutions that respect the environment and bring people joy.

While spending time traveling, volunteering, and working throughout Europe, South Africa, and Australia, Evan experienced first-hand how architecture correlates to the wellbeing of people. With these global experiences, Evan offers unique insights into every design team she supports. She brings a positive outlook to every team she works with.

Evan received her Bachelor of Environmental Design and Communication at CU Boulder, and pursued a semester abroad at the Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia in Barcelona, Spain. In her spare time, Evan enjoys traveling, skiing, rafting, biking, and golfing.