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Jessica Lorenz


Jessica is part of the CCY Interiors studio, and she comes to the team with extensive experience working as an interior designer for residential and commercial clients. Designing both ground-up projects and creatively repurposing existing spaces, Jessica is able to adapt her experiences to thoughtfully accommodate her clients.

After studying at the University of Colorado Boulder and the Art Institute of Denver, Jessica became interested in defining what makes a home, and how design could be implemented to transform this definition from person to person. Jessica works closely with her private and commercial clients to find ways to create both intimate and universal spaces that are carefully tailored to satisfy the programmatic requirements and reflect each client’s character and identity.

In her free time, Jessica enjoys spending time outside connecting with nature, cooking, reading, crafting, meditation, and delving into home improvement projects. To supplement her professional career, Jessica is involved in a variety of industry-related volunteer activities and organizations, including the Ronald McDonald House, Pret-A-Porter, and “We-Care” events across Denver.